MaxCut 360

MaxCut 360 is our custom blend of brass manufactured to the highest industry standards. 

MaxCut 360 is available in Swiss quality brass bar stock and Escomatic quality brass wire.  

Advantages of MaxCut 360 brass

  • Higher than average machining speeds
  • Developed especially for Swiss screw work
  • Better chip breakage
  • Consistent quality
  • Available in CDA 360, (meets ASTM B-16/10)
  • Available in CDA 353, (meets ASTM B-453/11)  

Advantages of MaxCut 360 Escomatic wire

  • Bright, smooth surface finish    
  • ± .0005” Diameter tolerances  
  • Diameter Range: .061”-.280”
  • Available in continuous coils up to 600 lbs each

Advantages of MaxCut 360 Swiss quality bar stock

The same benefits as our Escomatic quality wire plus:

    • 60 Degree chamfered lead end, (.125” diameter and up)
    • Available up to .625” diameter
    • Bright surface finish, diameter & ovality rivals centerless ground bar stock
    • Exceptionally straight,(± .006”/ft) exceeding industry standard, (ASTM B-249/12)


By providing better quality products with custom fitted inventory programs we’re able to distance ourselves from big box distributors and provide effective solutions.

Test drive MaxCut 360 next time the need for Swiss quality brass bar stock should arise!


T303 Escomatic Stainless Steel Wire

  • Bright, smooth finish
  • DFARS Compliant
  • Available in 50-150 lb coils
  • Meets ASTM A581 and F899
  • Diameter range: .0625" to .3125"


Escomatic Wire Alloys

  • CDA 360 ½ Hard Temper Escomatic Brass, (ASTM B16-10)
  • CDA 353 ½ Hard Temper Escomatic Brass, (ASTM B453-11)
  • T-303 Condition A Escomatic Stainless Steel, (ASTM A-581 and DFARS Compliant)

(Other alloys available upon request) 

MaxCut 360 Swiss Quality Bar Stock

  • CDA 360 ½ Hard Temper Escomatic Brass, (ASTM B16-10)
  • CDA 353 ½ Hard Temper Escomatic Brass, (ASTM B453-11)

Escomatic Wire Sizes

.0625” up through .3125” with a ± .0005” diameter tolerance.

(Special tolerances upon request)

MaxCut 360 Swiss Quality Bar Stock 

.0625" up through .625"

Escomatic Wire Surface Condition

Bright and Clean Finish

Free of scratches, nicks, and dirt.


Escomatic Wire Packaging

  • 50-600 lb coils with a 20”-32” ID
  • Supplied on wire carriers, fiber drums, or in custom boxes

MaxCut 360 Swiss Quality Bar Stock 

  • Packaged in 1000 lb wooden crates
  • Less than 1000 lbs packaged in Reddi-Crates



Escomatic Wire Added Value Services

  • Custom Escomatic Wire Drawing
  • Straighten and Cut to Length
  • Swiss Tolerance Brass and Stainless Bar Stock
  • Stocking Programs
  • No minimum Order

MaxCut 360 Swiss Quality Bar Stock 

  • Tight diameter and ovality tolerances

Escomatic Wire Applications

  • Precision Machined Fasteners
  • Electronic Pins & Probes
  • Machined Connectors & Terminals
  • Complex Machined Miniature Parts
  • Medical Components
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods



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