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4max cold heading wire for industry

Copper coat meets its match.
4MAX takes the punches and blows.

After years of research and development, 4MAX was introduced as an alternative to copper coating as a lubricant on stainless steel cold heading wire. 4MAX coating is a complex metal-oxide compound applied to stainless steel wire to specifically aid in lubrication, improve tool life, and reduce machine downtime due to clogging and cleaning. Customers report that 4MAX stainless steel performed as well as copper coated stainless, but unlike copper, environmentally friendly 4MAX is easier and less expensive to remove.

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4MAX Wire Advantages

  • Stands up to complex part deformation
  • Extends tool life
  • Runs cleaner
  • Decreases downtime
  • Reduces overall cost

4MAX Stainless Steel Wire Alloys

  • 302HQ
  • 304(L)
  • 305

  • 316(L)
  • 410
  • 430


4MAX Stainless Steel Wire Alloys

Diameters from .03”-.700”

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